The main materials used by Trameinsa in its projects are as follows:

Stainless steel in AISI 316L and AISI 304

The first of these is recommended for coastal environments or where there is a high level of environmental pollution due to its high resistance to corrosion, while the second is suitable for areas away from the coast or for interior use. In both cases different effects can be achieved by grinding to a grained, high-gloss or mirror finish.  

Corten steel

Corten steel has a special chemical composition designed to allow surface oxidation without any corrosion affecting the interior. The surface of the metal, once oxidized, requires a patina sealant to be applied which creates a protective film that prevents the rust from flaking off.  

Carbon steel

This comes in different calibres, primarily structural steel with a guaranteed elastic limit. This steel can be hot-galvanized by immersion in liquid zinc to achieve effective, long-lasting protection against corrosion.  

Galvanized steel

Different types of sections including round, square and rectangular pipes, angular pipes, flat sheet, etc. supplied from the factory in galvanized steel.  

Laminate, tempered and special glass

Depending on the characteristics of the project in question, glass of various shapes, finishes and light-transmission properties is required. Trameinsa supplies and mounts the glass for elevator cabins, canopies, glass banisters and railings, etc., particularly in the case of metal structures that require glass enclosures installed with “spider” type latch plate, fixed bearings or pin bearing fixing systems.  



Unique structures in stainless, corten and carbon steel