Manufactured products

As a general rule, the products manufactured and assembled by Trameinsa involve the following phases:
Sourcing of materials | Saw cutting | Laser cutting | Oxy-acetylene cutting | Folding | Stamping | Drilling | Cambering | Plotting | Welding | Hot galvanizing | Polishing | Painting | Transport to site | Assembly | Inspections throughout the process and final inspection

Elevator frames

The structure is made from stainless, corten or carbon steel. Panoramic elevators are supplied ready-installed with glass panels.  

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The structure is made from stainless, corten or carbon steel. The enclosures are usually made from glass and are mounted by latch plates and pin bearings or by structural silicone sections and glazing.  

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Made from stainless, corten or carbon steel. Staircases with glass panels are supplied and assembled in a fully-finished condition.  

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Metro-type signage

The structure is mainly made from stainless steel. The lighting is incorporated either by traditional fluorescent lights or using innovative LED technology. We can make signage in every shape and size.  

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Urban furniture

Made from stainless, corten and/or carbon steel. We make handrails, benches, bicycle racks, bike stands, pylons, barred doors and windows, information panels, etc.  

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Metal structures

Made from stainless steel in different finishes: ground, high-gloss polish or mirror finish, in corten steel or carbon steels of different calibres. 
Some of the many structures we make include mezzanines, plank fencing, masts, lockers, canopies, etc.   

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Made from stainless, corten or carbon steel. We can create straight up-and-down stairs, service stairs, imperial stairs, spiral stairs, etc. in all kinds of shapes and sizes.  

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The main structure is made from hot-immersion galvanized stainless or carbon steel.
The enclosing structures are made from either glass or polycarbonate, depending on the project specifications.  

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Unique structures in stainless, corten and carbon steel